The History

During the era when only the elite can afford to travel overseas, buying a winter coat and sweater in Malaysia is largely constrained to a few shops in "Batu Road" (now known as Jalan Tunku Abdul Rahman). Of course if you are willing to pay the price, there is the option to shop at the exclusive departmental store known as "Robinson".

In the 1960s, a bold young businessman decided to tap on this niche market. He made the bold decision to source for winter clothes from Hong Kong, imported and wholesaled to more retailers. "What a non lucrative business decision!" and "How many will buy winter clothes in a tropical country that experience summer temperatures all round the year" are just some of the mocking responses.

But business grew steadily for him and he became know as the major supplier of winter clothings throughout Malaysia. The 70s and 80s saw the boom of departmental stores; the "shop everything under one roof". To distinguish the higher grade stores, there will be a Winter Clothes department!

Then came the era of the shopping malls and specialize shops in the 90s. The next generation step in to tap this potential. The first change made was to recognise the fashion need of customers shopping for winter clothings. Customers are beginning to be more sophisticated and able to discern "occasion clothes"; wearing the right outfit!

"Goin' Places" was born at this time to place the winter clothes retail trade onto a higher level .... "Goin' Places - Winter Apparel" to cater to the sophisticated market who just love to go places!

From then till now, meeting the customer's request is still our priority in merchandise assortment. Training our staff to excel in their customer service become our passion.The many returning satisfied customers is our testimony!

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