Capture the essence in you

Lovely laughing couple in winter clothing

There used to be a time in Malaysia when winter clothings is just 'unisex', period! Keeping warm is the utmost criteria. It just does not matter that what looks good on 'Him' may not looks good on 'Her'. People do not make overseas trip much so it makes economic sense to be able to share clothes.

Today, we change with time. We travel near and far, have done more and seen more. We recognise that each person is an individual with differing needs, lifestyle and certainly taste in clothes. Thus we want to help you to capture that essence that is uniquely you!

To do this, we anticipate the next Fall/Winter trends and pool in a great collection of mix and match for 'Him' and for 'Her' in our retail outlets. The variety can be mind boggling and you may not know where to start.

Do not fret for our sale consultants are trained and traveled to help assess your needs and narrow down your choices. "Are you traveling for work or leisure?" and "Which country will you be going and which month is your travel plan?" are just some of the questions we need to ask.

We then recommend various options which you will be encouraged to try on to determine 'the look' that best suit you.

Starting from the outer garment; a formal wool coat, a smart casual jacket, an outdoor adventure sport parka, a campus hoody or a chic knitted long cardy?

Women in red winter clothing

As for the sweater; do you like it long or short, heavy knit or light knit, plain solid color or striped, material of pure wool, wool mix, acrylic or cotton knits for the ultra sensitive skin? Will mix and match layering sweaters better suit your travel needs?

Coming down to your innermost layer, will you require thermal wear for added warmth? Will buying in sets suit you or to buy separates is a better option? Maybe the use of tights may enhance your look or special warm material pants may suit you better?

Lastly matching the right accessories can make you a head turner or kill your look! Choosing the head gear portray much on your personality. The right match of muffler or a light scarf enhance your coat. The functionality of the gloves is important. Then a pair of socks comes in more form and material than you would imagine.

With our assortment and our meticulous service, we care not only that you keep warm but that you also look great!