Welcome to Goin' Places Winter Apparel

GOIN' PLACES specializes in the retailing of winter apparel which caters to customers who travel overseas for business, pleasure or studies.

The assortment includes coats and jackets for every occasion, sweaters of differing thickness and materials and accessories such as thermal wears, men's and ladies' tights, mufflers, caps, gloves and woollen socks. In other words, from the grandparents to the babies, we dress you from head to toe to keep the chill away.


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    Red is the new black

    Red color has more connotations across various cultures, a color that has ruled both sinners and saints. Associated with an aristocratic excess, red is the fashion code for all seasons.

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    Faux Fur is back

    Forget Grandma's garish moth-eaten furs. When used sparingly, a dash of texture from a faux-fur collar or handbag feels streamlined and modern. 

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    Wise use of mobile while overseas

    Recently the Star reported on some mobile users being slammed with hefty bills for surfing the Internet on their handphone while overseas.